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Monday, May 19, 2014

M.E.R.S. Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats and Little Lambs Eat Ivy.

I think she might be
 an undercover cop.

“Wear masks and gloves when handling camels due to MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.” So says the Saudi Arabia 
Minister of Health, in a
warning issued this morning.

is similar to MERIS, Middle East Respiratory Infatuation Syndrome. This is what happens when the sight of a beautiful camel takes a man’s breath away.
The Minister of Health further cautioned, “Watch out lads, it looks like you can catch this crap off a camel. Do not eat raw camel meat or drink un-boiled camel milk.”

Final Warning:

1. Remove the milk from the camel before boiling the milk.

2. Cool the boiled camel milk before drinking. and have removed all references and pictures of camels from their web sites. Since 98% of their business involved camels, has actually shut down.  

Both one-humped camels and two-humped camels can carry the MERS. A humped camel in Saudi Arabia has an entirely different meaning than in the United States.

Nice Set of Humps

More than 120 people have died from the recent outbreak of MERS. The health ministry has replaced the head of the King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah. A replaced head in Saudi Arabia has an entirely different meaning than in the United States.

In Iran, there have been several instances of radical insurgents mounting MERS-infected camels and charging US Army bases. A mounted camel in Saudi Arabia has the very same meaning in the United States.
Due to reinforced U.S. defense positions, there have been no successful sick camel related suicide attempts. The message from the US forces to the Insurgents seems to be, “72 virgins if you die or stay home and snuggle with a camel with a good attitude. It’s your choice.”

All online date sites hope to add camels back into the repertoire, once this MERS scare is gone. A Middle East date is a fruit to be eaten, while in the good old USA, it means …

There are now several cases of MERS in the United States. Either the disease can now transmit from human to human or there are petting zoos located throughout America with camel sleeper cells.

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